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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Simpsons Movie - Trailer 2 (1080p)

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Fast Track (1080p, 187MB)

Fast Track

Tom Reilly (Zach Braff) is a bit of an underachiever when it comes to his career (or lack thereof), but his adoring wife Sofia (Amanda Peet), a formidable lawyer, has always been happy to act as the breadwinner. With the birth of their first child, Sofia decides she wants to be a stay-at-home mom so Tom needs to step up and take care of his growing family.

Trailer 1 (2:23)
Rating: PG-13
In Theatres: January 19th, 2007

Jesse Peretz (dir.)
Zach Braff
Amanda Peet
Jason Bateman
Charles Grodin
Mia Farrow

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The Lives of Others (1080p, 107MB)

The Lives of Others

Traces the gradual disillusionment of Captain Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Muhe), a highly skilled officer who works for the Stasi, East Germany’s all-powerful secret police. His mission is to spy on a celebrated writer and actress couple, Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch) and Christa-Maria Sieland (Martina Gedeck).

Trailer (1:46)
Rating: R
In Theatres: February 9th, 2007

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (dir.)
Ulrich Muhe
Sebastian Koch
Martina Gedeck

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Taking a break for the holidays

The HD Trailers feed will be having a 2 week break for Christmas and the New Year. I hope you all have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Dead Girl (1080p, 159MB)

The Dead Girl

A gripping psychological drama about seemingly unrelated people, “The Dead Girl” converges around the murder of Krista (Brittany Murphy). As each story plays out, pieces come together to form a fuller picture of the life of the “dead girl” and the chain of events that led to her fate.

Trailer (2:30)
Rating: R
In Theatres: December 29th, 2006

Karen Moncrieff (dir.)
Josh Brolin
Rose Byrne
Toni Collette
Bruce Davison
James Franco

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lucky You - Trailer 3 (1080p, 129MB)

Lucky You

In Lucky You, a professional poker player (Eric Bana) gets a lesson in life from a struggling singer (Drew Barrymore) as he collides with his estranged father (Robert Duvall) at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Trailer 3 (1:48)
Rating: PG-13
In Theatres: March 16th, 2007

Curtis Hanson (dir.)
Eric Bana
Drew Barrymore
Robert Duvall
Debra Messing

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Daddy's Little Girls (1080p, 157MB)

Daddy’s Little Girls

A single father, Monty (Elba) is a garage mechanic who lives in a poor neighborhood and struggles to make ends meet as he raises his three young daughters on his own. But when the courts award custody of his daughters to his corrupt, drug-dealing ex-wife, Monty desperately tries to with them back, enlisting the help of attorney Julia.

Trailer 1 (2:16)
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: February 14th, 2007

Tyler Perry (dir.)
Gabrielle Union
Idris Elba
Louis Gossett, Jr.
Tasha Smith
Tracee Ellis Ross

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300 - Trailer 1b (1080p, 129MB)


Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite.

Trailer 2 (2:30)
Rating: R
In Theatres: March 9th, 2007

Zack Snyder (dir.)
Gerard Butler
Lena Headey
David Wenham
Vincent Regan
Rodrigo Santoro

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Factory Girl (1080p, 148MB)

Factory Girl

The year is 1965, and Edie Sedgwick is living every young girl’s dream. Rich, ambitious and beautiful, Edie’s life changes forever when she meets Andy Warhol, New York’s most famous artist, and the man who will transform her into a dazzling superstar. She has the world at her feet. Every woman wants to be her. Yet, Edie is alone.

Trailer 1 (2:07)
Rating: NR
In Theatres: December 29th, 2006

George Hickenlooper (dir.)
Guy Pearce
Sienna Miller
Hayden Christensen
Jimmy Fallon
Meredith Ostrom

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Music and Lyrics (1080p, 169MB)

Music and Lyrics

The romantic comedy Music & Lyrics By follows Alex Fletcher (HUGH GRANT), a washed-up 80s pop star whos been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her.

Trailer 1a ()
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: February 14th, 2007

Marc Lawrence (dir.)
Hugh Grant
Drew Barrymore

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Last Mimzy (1080p, 109MB)

The Last Mimzy

Tells the story of two children who discover a mysterious box that contains some strange devices they think are toys. As the children play with these “toys,” they begin to display higher and higher levels of intelligence and their parents realize something extraordinary is happening.

Trailer 1 (1:30)
Rating: PG
In Theatres: March 23rd, 2007

Bob Shaye (dir.)
Timothy Hutton
Joely Richardson
Rainn Wilson

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Wild Hogs (1080p, 168MB)

Wild Hogs

A rollicking comedy-adventure about a group of middle-aged friends who decide to rev up their routine suburban lives with a freewheeling motorcycle trip. Taking a long dreamed-of breather from their stressful jobs and family responsibilities, they can’t wait to feel the freedom of the open road.

Trailer 1 (2:30)
Rating: PG-13
In Theatres: March 2nd, 2007

Walt Becker (dir.)
Tim Allen
John Travolta
Martin Lawrence
William H. Macy
Marisa Tomei

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Letters From Iwo Jima (1080p, 186MB)

Letters From Iwo Jima

Academy Award nominee Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurai,” “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Batman Begins”) stars as General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, the American-educated general who courageously led the Japanese resistance to the massive American onslaught of the island of Iwo Jima.

Trailer 1r (2:29)
Rating: R
In Theatres: December 20th, 2006

Clint Eastwood (dir.)
Ken Watanabe
Kazunari Ninomiya
Tsuyoshi Ihara
Ryo Kase

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happily N’ever After (1080p, 142MB)

Happily N’ever After

A satirical retelling of the classic story of Cinderella. Once upon a time in Fairy Tale Land, the age-old balance between good and evil has been thrown out of whack. Frieda, Cinderella’s power-mad stepmother(voiced by Sigourney Weaver), has formed an unholy alliance of evil to take on the good guys.

Trailer (2:05)
Rating: PG
In Theatres: December 31st, 1969

Paul J. Bolger (dir.)
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Andy Dick
Wallace Shawn
Patrick Warburton

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (1080p, 89MB)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts and discovers that much of the wizarding community has been denied the truth about the teenager’s recent encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort.

Trailer 1 (:57)
Action and Adventure
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: July 13th, 2007

David Yates (dir.)
Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Good Shepherd (1080p, 182MB)

The Good Shepherd

The untold story of the birth of the CIA - viewed through the life of a man who believed in America and would sacrifice everything he loved to protect it. Edward Wilson understands the value of secrecy - discretion and commitment to honor have been embedded in him since childhood. As a student at Yale, he is recruited to join the secret society Skull and Bones.

Trailer 2 (2:30)
Action and Adventure
Rating: R
In Theatres: December 22nd, 2006

Robert De Niro (dir.)
Matt Damon
Angelina Jolie
Alec Baldwin
Tammy Blanchard
Billy Crudup

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Offside (1080p, 118MB)


Many Iranian girls love soccer as much as their countrymen and sport fans all over the world but, they are prevented by law from attending live soccer matches in their country. Inspired by the day when his own daughter was refused entry to a soccer stadium in Iran, Jafar Panahi’s OFFSIDE follows a day in the life of a group of Iranian girls.

Trailer (1:41)
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: April 6th, 2007

Jafar Panahi (dir.)
Shima Mobarak-Shahi
Shayesteh Irani
Ayda Sadeqi
Golnaz Farmani

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Bridge To Terabithia (1080p, 135MB)

Bridge To Terabithia

Jess Aarons (JOSH HUTCHERSON) is an outsider at school and even in his own family. Jess has trained all summer to become the fastest kid in his middle school class but his goal is unexpectedly thwarted by the new girl in school, Leslie Burke (ANNASOPHIA ROBB) who competes in the “boys only” race and wins.

Trailer 1 (1:59)
Rating: PG
In Theatres: February 16th, 2007

Gabor Csupo (dir.)
Josh Hutcherson
Annasophia Robb
Robert Patrick
Zooey Deschanel

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Balls of Fury (1080p, 160MB)

Balls of Fury

In this secret society, the competition is brutal and the stakes are high. It is the unsanctioned, underground, and utterly unhinged world of clandestine Ping-Pong tournaments. Down-and-out former professional Ping-Pong phenom Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) is sucked into this maelstrom when FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) recruits him.

Trailer 1 (2:22)
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: April 1st, 2007

Robert Ben Garant (dir.)
Dan Fogler
Christopher Walken
George Lopez
Maggie Q
Thomas Lennon

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The Hitcher (1080p, 151MB)

The Hitcher

A remake of the 1986 terror classic. Dave Meyers is directing the new film, which tracks the terrifying cross-country journey of Grace (Sophia Bush) and Jim (Zachary Knighton), two college students who are tormented by the mysterious hitchhiker John Ryder, a.k.a. The Hitcher (Sean Bean).

Trailer 1 (2:16)
Rating: R
In Theatres: January 19th, 2007

Dave Meyers (dir.)
Sean Bean
Sophia Bush
Zachary Knighton

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Primeval (1080p, 162MB)


In one of the most remote places on earth, a bloodthirsty serial killer has claimed over 300 victims, and is still at large to this day. Now, inspired by the true story of the world’s most prolific killer, comes PRIMEVAL, a nail-biting horror-thriller that follows an American news crew determined to capture this terrifying murderer alive.

Trailer 1 (2:15)
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: April 13th, 2007

Michael Katleman (dir.)
Dominic Purcell
Orlando Jones
Brooke Langton
Jurgen Prochnow

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Breach (1080p, 177MB)


When young Eric ONeill (Phillippe) is promoted out of his low-level surveillance job and into the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, his dream of becoming a full-fledged agent is on the verge of becoming reality. Even more impressive, ONeill is hand picked to work for renowned operative Robert Hanssen (Cooper).

Trailer 1 (2:22)
Rating: PG-13
In Theatres: February 16th, 2007

Billy Ray (dir.)
Chris Cooper
Ryan Phillippe
Laura Linney
Dennis Haysbert
Caroline Dhavernas

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Because I Said So (1080p, 182MB)

Because I Said So

Keaton stars as Daphne Wilder, a mother whose love knows no bounds or boundaries. She is the proud mom of three daughters: stable psychologist Maggie (Graham), sexy and irreverent Mae (Perabo) and insecure, adorable Milly (Moore)-who, when it comes to men, is like psychotic flypaper.

Trailer 1 (2:29)
Rating: PG-13
In Theatres: February 2nd, 2007

Michael Lehmann (dir.)
Diane Keaton
Mandy Moore
Lauren Graham
Piper Perabo

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The Number 23 (1080p, 169MB)

The Number 23

A man whose life unravels after he comes into contact with an obscure book titled The Number 23. As he reads the book, he becomes increasingly convinced that it is based on his own life. His obsession with the number 23 starts to consume him, and he begins to realize the book forecasts far graver consequences for his life than he could have ever imagined.

Trailer (2:27)
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: February 23rd, 2007

Joel Schumacher (dir.)
Jim Carrey
Virginia Madsen
Danny Huston
Logan Lerman
Rhona Mitra

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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Architect (1080p, 168MB)

The Architect

A harrowing and ultimately human story of two very different families. Leo Waters (Lapaglia) is an idealistic architect and patriarch of an affluent, suburban Chicago family. Tonya Neeley (Davis) is a pragmatic activist who is trying to keep her family together while living in one of the city’s most drug and crime-infested public housing projects.

Trailer (2:20)
Rating: R
In Theatres: December 1st, 2006

Matt Tauber (dir.)
Anthony Lapaglia
Viola Davis
Isabella Rossellini
Hayden Panettiere
Sebastian Stan

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Curse of the Golden Flower - Trailer 3 (1080p, 123MB)

Curse of the Golden Flower

The plot concerns the volatile balance of power between the King (Chow Yun Fat) and the Queen (Gong Li) and his three sons, which entails betrayal, deceit and passion, pitting the King against Queen and father against sons. The glorious canvas includes many of the creative team behind HERO and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS.

Trailer 3 (1:45)
Rating: Not yet rated
In Theatres: December 22nd, 2006

Yimou Zhang (dir.)
Jay Chou
Yun-Fat Chow
Li Gong
Qin Junjie
Man Li

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